Dover Lodge #489

Masonic Lodge of Westlake, Ohio

December 19, 2016
by LEO

Feast of Saint John the Evangelist

Master Masons of Dover Lodge, you are hereby summoned to the most solemn ceremony of the Feast of Saint John the Evangelist. Far back in the mists of time, our Ancient Brethren assembled on this auspicious occasion to celebrate Our Noble Way. The voices of those who have labored before us call upon you to cease your works for a moment to mark the great transition.

The Feast will begin promptly at 7:30am on Saturday December 24th at Westlake Masonic Temple. Please register your attendance with your Lodge Education Officer. Dress is casual, as you will be clothed with vestments of a higher purpose. The formal ceremony will conclude by 9:30am.

This is a PRIVATE event, for Dover Lodge Master Masons only. Masons of other Lodges are only admitted if they receive the designated hand-delivered invitation.

November 23, 2016
by LEO


An interesting quote from 1907-08 GL Ohio Grand Communications from MWB Horace Irvin

“Number of members August 31, 1907: 68,679

The net gain is 3,574. This is next to the largest gain, 1903 still being the banner year.

By comparison with previous years this seems to be but little more than a normal increase. I can not avoid this feeling, however, that some of our Lodges measure prosperity more by the number of admissions than by the quality of them. Continue Reading

November 4, 2016
by LEO

2017 Lodge Officers Elected!

Congratulations to the newly-elected officers of Dover Lodge! These Brethren are looking forward to serving Dover Lodge for the 2017 calendar year. Please join us for our open installation of officers on December 15, 2016 at 7:30pm!

Elected Officers

  • Worshipful Master – Robert Anderson, Jr.
  • Senior Warden – Michael Flury
  • Junior Warden – William Carter, III
  • Senior Deacon – Matthew Merrell
  • Junior Deacon – Phillip Sultan
  • Secretary – Edgar Phelps
  • Treasurer – Mark Puwal
  • Tyler – Michael Lamb
  • Trustee – David Kumler

June 13, 2016
by LEO

Becoming Masonry Leadership Seminar

Brethren, Dover Lodge #489 is proud to host the upcoming “Becoming Masonry” Leadership Seminar on Saturday August 27th 2016! Our featured speaker is Michael Clevenger who travels the state of Ohio lecturing on Leadership in Freemasonry. On the agenda for the day is:

  • The Value of Process
  • Discovering My Masonic Obligation
  • Using The Lessons of Masonry In My Life
  • Personal Awareness, Discovery, and Improvement
  • Building a Masonic Life Plan
  • Beginning To Live Masonry

You may remember Worshipful Brother Clevenger from the “Masons Lead Better” program held last year at Brookside Masonic Temple. DO NOT MISS THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY – LIMITED TO 50 PARTICIPANTS!

Want to attend? Register here!