Dover Lodge #489

Masonic Lodge of Westlake, Ohio


April 3, 2014
by LEO

Old School

In the old Lodge Room, the faint aroma of burning wax and wick hangs in the air like a distant reverie. Somewhere in those four walls the last peals of laughter have faded away, echoing in memory those sublime moments of camaraderie and mirth. The sound of rhythmic footsteps begins to ring from the cool stone walls as a warm shaft of light stabs across a velvet-dark room. Shadowy forms begin to appear seemingly rising from the floor below. Anticipation fills the air like a forest mist.

The Brethren know it is time to retire to the library. Masonic Light is about to blaze forth from that small room at the top of the stairs.

On Thursday April 17th, Dover Lodge will be holding its monthly Builders’ Night. Our study for the evening is an esoteric journey into the Master Mason Degree. Dover Lodge Master Masons only please.


February 20, 2014
by LEO

A History Of Lodges

Dover Lodge resides in the 22nd Masonic District in the State of Ohio. Through the passage of time our district has seen many Lodges – some whose names no longer appear on the list of active Lodges. This can be a difficult situation for Masonic scholars and historians who are seeking information from the past.

Masonic Lodges typically merge into other Lodges when it seems that such a union would strengthen the Craft. There may be a variety of reasons that lead to this action, but ultimately such mergers are a lasting testament to the unity of our Fraternity. We preserve the past while striking boldly into the future.

Dover Lodge is pleased to share with you a historic list of Lodges chartered within our District and where they now reside. Continue Reading


February 19, 2014
by LEO

Our Mobile Site Is Live!

Brethren, our mobile web site is now live! Just try browsing to our site using a mobile phone, and find everything on presented for the small-screen. This is part of our ongoing effort to make Masonic information available to the variety of compute platforms, including the increasing mobile points of presence.

Like the phone case you see in this post? Browse here to purchase one! The seller of the phone case is unaffiliated with Dover Lodge #489.


January 5, 2014
by LEO

Upcoming Schedule

Dover Brethren, we have a busy schedule in front of us! Please make note of the following dates for upcoming Masonic work:

  • January 14th (Tuesday), 7:30pm – Officers’ Meeting
  • January 16th, 7:30pm – Special Meeting, MM Practice
  • February 6th, 7:30pm – MM Degree conferral (Bro. M.F.)
  • February 20th, 7:30pm – Special Meeting, MM Practice
  • March 6th, 7:30pm – MM Degree conferral (Bro. J.H.)

The schedule is packed Brethren! Please come out and help us with our work, as our Lodge continues its path toward solid growth.

Dover EAs and FCs are welcomed to join their Brethren at 9pm on special meeting nights, and 9:30pm on degree conferral nights.


January 3, 2014
by LEO

Degree Practice – MM

Brethren of Dover Lodge, the Worshipful Master has called a special meeting on Thursday January 16th 2014 at 7:30pm for the purpose of rehearsing the Master Mason degree. Master Masons only are invited to attend on this Builder’s Night – all other Dover Brethren of the EA and FC degrees are invited to join at 9pm (if they so desire) for refreshment and Brotherhood. We are fortunate to have Brethren who are ready for their next step in Masonry, and we want to be ready!


December 22, 2013
by LEO

Ritual Practice – FC

Brethren of Dover Lodge, the Worshipful Master has called a practice for Monday December 30th 2013 at 7:30pm to rehearse the FellowCraft Degree. Dress is casual! Please come out and brush up, as we have a Brother who will be going through his FellowCraft Degree on January 2nd 2014.